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wp_20141031_002[1]This project was specifically aimed at Latin American women, bringing together 22 participants to improve their conversational English skills. The project involved the participants cooking Latin-American and multi-cultural food which was cooked and sold at the Cafe@theHut. The ingredients were part grown at the community garden within the hut grounds and purchased at local stores.

Basic English skills were taught by working with the women in four basic areas: grow skills, cook skills, cafe skills and social media skills. Each core area enables the women to learn through practical activities, translation and role play. A summary of activities:

Personalised Programme: for each woman with assessment and induction sessions to identify and address issues affecting their ability to improve conversational English. A person centred plan was agreed. Help and guidance was given to assess and support access to mainstream statutory rights such as health and housing.

Grow Skills: Participants worked together to grow produce such as potatoes and carrots at the community garden which had allotments and raised beds. In this activity participants learnt conversational English about seasons, timing and number skills.

Cook Skills:  Within the community kitchen participants learnt to cook Latin-American cuisines and other multi-cultural dishes. The women learnt new vocabulary from topics such as ingredients, translating menus, shopping and food hygiene.

Cafe Skills: With large eating areas inside and outside the community Hut, participants sold their cooked food on Saturdays. Conversational English skills were improved by taking orders, taking payments and counting the taking.

Social Media Skills: The participants filmed their activities and promoted them on social media such as Facebook. Short film clips were shared with family and the community. Participants learnt essential English skills, computer and social media skills.

Sustainability: The women set up the Latin American Kitchen at the Chestnuts Community Centre which provided opportunity to continue to practice their Conversational English and raised funds to pay for further English classes.

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