The National Lottery Community Fund is running a series of funding workshops jointly with the Bridge Renewal Trust, through the Reaching Communities and Partnerships funding stream.

This event is focusing only on organisations who provide projects for young people.

The NLCF Reaching Communities and Partnerships Funding streams are for proposals over £10,000. Reaching Communities and Partnerships offer flexible funding for up to 5 years for organisations in England that want to take action on the issues that matter to people and communities.

Tell me a bit more about the difference between Reaching Communities and Partnerships funding?

Reaching Communities will offer funding for individual organisations. Alongside this, we recognise that lot of people want to work together to achieve their goals. So we are introducing Partnerships funding. This funding is for people who want to work and develop ideas together with others, to start with the bigger picture rather than just what your organisation can do on its own, and to share responsibility in order to achieve shared objectives – which we call Generous Leadership.

Previous attendees should note that this is another session of the same workshop done previously.