When thinking about finding a trustee role that will suit you, it is worth considering:

Why am I thinking about becoming a charity trustee?

It might be because:

  • You want to help a cause that is close to you, perhaps because of your personal experiences or because it’s an issue you feel passionate about
  • You want to offer your skills
  • You want to develop your skills and experience, for your personal or professional development
  • You are looking for a positive way to use your free time
  • You want to help ensure that charity leadership better reflects the communities they serve.

What have I got to offer?

There is no requirement for formal training or experience to become a trustee. To help you find a trustee opportunity that’s a good fit for you, you could reflect on what you would bring to the role, from all aspects of your life experience:

  • Professional skills and knowledge
  • Leadership qualities and experience
  • Personal traits, interests and lived experience.

What am I looking for?

  • Time commitment: this can vary depending on the organisation. You will need to commit a regular amount of time to being a trustee – usually this will be at least one meeting every 3 months, so a minimum of 4 meetings per year. Some trustees also commit to doing other tasks that the charity needs, outside of meetings.
  • Size & type of organisation: are you looking for a smaller charity, that might be volunteer-run, or one that has some paid staff? Is it important to you that the organisation is community-led and grassroots?
  • Ways of working: how does the activity the charity delivers to achieve its objectives, fit with the way you like to work? For example, does it deliver direct support, campaign for change, or provide resources to other organisations?
  • Support for trustees: what support would you be looking for in your role as a trustee, and which organisations can provide this?