The Bridge Renewal Trust is a charity based in Tottenham. Our main purpose is to deliver practical ways that people can live healthier lives – contributing to a reduction in health inequalities.

This year, the Bridge Renewal Trust celebrates 10 years of working with communities in Haringey: reducing health inequalities; building stronger communities and improving the quality of life of the people of Haringey.

The Bridge says thank you to all its stakeholders and partners who have supported the charity over the last 10 years.

Download our 10 year anniversary booklet here

Our belief

People and communities together hold all the potential to be the solution to their own challenges. Empowered, included, resilient and with the right capacity we can be our own best answer.

Our approach

  • Supporting people holistically to have the confidence, motivation, skills and knowledge to make their own healthy life choices. Enabling people to pass this on in their families and in the community.
  • Ensuring people can access the right mix for them of the medical and healthy living support to get and stay well.
  • Working collaboratively and in partnerships to increase the availability of accessible services and support that will enhance the health and wellbeing of local people.
  • Building sustainability into all our work by operating as a social business. This means adopting the strengths of operating as a sustainable business and adapting these to ensure that ultimately the ‘profits’ are the social benefit of meeting our charitable purpose.

Our services and facilities

We are based in the Laurels Healthy Living Centre, where we deliver whole health services that sit alongside the primary health care services that are available in the Laurels. We aim to ensure the healthy living offer at the Laurels is integrated with medical services so it truly becomes a sector leading Healthy Living Centre.

The Bridge also delivers services out in the community. We manage the Chestnuts Community Centre which is a vibrant and popular community hub located within Chestnuts Park. We also manage the Bridge Community Hut, which is a multi-purpose community centre with a community food growing space on the Tiverton Estate.

The Bridge Renewal Trust was set up in 2009 as a successor body to the Bridge New Deal for Communities (NDC) that led regeneration in Tottenham from 2000 to 2010.

Our impact