The Bridge Renewal Trust, in partnership with Haringey Council, is delivering the Connected Communities project to support newly arrived migrants to integrate with Haringey's communities.  

The Support available for recent migrant groups and individuals in Tottenham includes training, venue space, funding, volunteering opportunities, organisational support and links to other services (Employment, ESOL, Housing, Early Years, Community Groups).

Connected Communities project Refugee Week event 2019

The project has been in implementation since 21 September 2018 and has five outcomes: 

  • Stronger, more active community organisations, including those focused on supporting specific communities of interest, and those supporting the wider community
  • Increased migrant participation in wider community organisations
  • Enhanced community cohesion through more frequent and meaningful contact between migrants and settled residents
  • Increased pride in the local area among residents in Tottenham
  • Increased satisfaction with state of the public realm in Tottenham.

Further information 

To get involved or find out more, please contact 

Wossen on 07905 270595, email [email protected]

Freddie on 07763 549916, email [email protected]

You can find flyers to download here: 

New Community Projects flyer

Existing Community Groups flyer