The Bridge Renewal Trust and Haringey Council are working in partnership to grow the support that’s available for the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sectors in Haringey.

A joint team made up of Council and Bridge staff and co-managed across both organisations, will work together to respond to the needs of the sector and provide additional capacity building support. The team will work to enhance the support currently available from the Bridge Renewal Trust as the Council’s Strategic Partner, and will further develop partnership working between voluntary organisations and Council teams, as part of the Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Pledge.

Specifically, the team will:

  • Provide support, resources and guidance to the Voluntary, Community and Faith sectors
    • Support organisations to build their capacity in a broad range of ways, including with:
      • Bid writing & fundraising support
      • Developing organisational aims & objectives
      • Accounts & financial management
      • Developing partnerships & networks
      • Engagement events including consultative forums
      • Developing governance and structure, including registering and constituting organisations, establishing Board of Trustees
      • Accessing community space
      • Linking in with the Volunteer Centre for support recruiting volunteers
      • Sharing information including funding and training opportunities.

  • Strengthen links between voluntary sector organisations and between sector organisations and statutory services
    • Providing a direct and accountable line of communication for voluntary, community and faith organisations to feedback their needs and concerns and work proactively to address these in partnership and across sectors 
    • Work together to further develop partnership working between the Council and sector organisations, as part of the Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Pledge.
Get in touch

Most importantly, the Support Team is ready to listen to your needs and respond quickly and flexibly to help address them. If you are a Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisation in Haringey, please get in touch… [email protected]