Haringey Council and the Bridge Renewal Trust are working in partnership to provide support, coordination and a single point of contact for the Voluntary, Community & Faith Sectors in Haringey.

A dedicated support team has been formed, made up of Council and Bridge staff, who will work together to understand and respond to need, coordinate volunteering offers and requests and provide support and guidance to the sectors.

Specifically, the Coordination Team will: 

  • Provide support, resources and guidance to the Voluntary, Community and Faith sectors
    • Monitor the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the voluntary and faith sectors through direct lines of communication, respond to these and escalate where necessary
    • Provide a single point of entry for information, support and guidance to the voluntary, community and faith sectors
    • Support organisations with their business activities through information and practical help - e.g. help with the Furlough Scheme, bid writing support, briefings, funding advice, webinars, volunteering good practise & wellbeing
    • Support the development of partnership working across the borough as a whole for now and into the longer term 
  • Respond to and coordinate volunteering offers & requests
    • Providing a direct and accountable line of communication for voluntary, community and faith organisations to feedback their needs and concerns and work proactively to address these in partnership and across sectors
    • Monitor need for interventions for Haringey residents and directly within voluntary, community and faith organisations, and work collaboratively to meet this need by developing new initiatives and matching available volunteer resources
    • Communicate regularly with volunteers from a range of settings, highlighting current opportunities and matching them effectively
    • Contribute to building a sustainable model into the future

Most importantly, the Coordination Team is ready to listen to your needs and respond quickly and flexibly to help address them.

 If you’re a VCS or Faith organisation in Haringey, please get in touch with any member of the Coordination Team.

 Email [email protected]


  • Cam Fitzwilliam-Grey: 07767 757 703
  • Poppy Thomas: 020 8489 1460
  • Emma Carroll: 020 8489 8424