Community Impact Haringey

Community Impact Haringey

We provide practical support to help you build your organisation’s capacity in a number of ways. We can help you to get started on your project, increase your impact, help you with funding applications and connect with others in the community through events and networking. 

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We are ready to listen to your needs and respond quickly and flexibly to help address them. If you are a Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisation in Haringey, please get in touch… [email protected] | 020 3912 6919

The VCS Support Team

The Bridge Renewal Trust and Haringey Council are working in partnership to grow the support that’s available for the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sectors in Haringey. Find out more here

The next Volunteer Managers’ Forum is coming up on Thursday, 6 May at 11am for 90 minutes of lively and engaging discussion, and you’re invited!

On the agenda this time we have…

  • Volunteer Passports
  • Volunteers’ Week 2021
  • Discussion: Volunteer Recognition
  • Discussion: Do-it website transition

If you’re new to the Volunteer Managers’ Forum, here’s a brief description…

The Forums are a supportive place for people in Haringey who have a responsibility to co-ordinate or manage volunteers, as part of their job - whether that’s voluntary or paid. The quarterly forums are an opportunity to meet with other people, provide or receive peer support, share and learn and get updates relevant to your work.

We really hope you’re able to join us!

Booking for this event has now closed.