Thrive Haringey is a 12-month programme that aims to increase participation in community activities through social prescribing.  The lead partner is Bridge Renewal Trust who is managing the project, evaluation, and application process.  They are supported by a steering group of: Tottenham Hotspur Foundation; Jacksons Lane; North Central London CCG; Public Voice and Haringey Council, all of whom provide in kind support.

For more information on and a definition of social prescribing, please see this explainer from the King’s Fund and this information from NHS England.

There are two main parts to the Thrive Haringey project:

  1. Connecting social prescribers and community connectors of all kinds to the wide range of activities currently underway in Haringey
  2. Seed funding activities that Haringey residents want to take part in – specifically in Arts & Culture, Sports, Nature, Financial Wellbeing, Community Advice and wider Voluntary Sectors.

Seed funding for activities

  • There is a rolling fund of £20k in total for Haringey based artists and organisations to apply to, for new activity or development of existing activity. 
  • As a guide, we expect costs to be around £50-£100 a session (sessions of around an hour) although apply for more if you feel you need it. Sessions can be weekly, monthly or over a set period. Please specify dates and location when you apply.
  • The project is borough wide and open to participants from all ages.  We are looking at providing a wide range of arts activity, spread across the borough.
  • Please specify the size of the group you expect to reach with your activity session when applying.
  • Funding will be allocated on a rolling basis, as applications are received. We expect applications for funding to be open until the autumn, but this may change depending on the number of applications received – so please so apply as soon as you can
  • We will update this webpage as funding is allocated.

Cultural activities can be from any artform but must be open to new participants who can be referred by social prescribers.  As such we would expect to see one or more of the below outcomes for participants. You will be expected to take part in ‘light touch’ evaluation to inform the project and future funding/development aims.

Project Outcomes:

•       increased access to the arts, creativity, and cultural activities, resulting in improved overall wellbeing

•       increased access to sport and physical activity, resulting in improved overall wellbeing

•       increased access to nature, resulting in improved overall wellbeing

•       improved financial wellbeing

•       improved access to community advice

•       feeling more connected to others & within your community.

What can be funded:

•       Artist/facilitator fees

•       Room costs

•       Activity supplies & materials

•       Evaluation materials

•       Subsidised places (to offer free activity to those for which payment is a barrier)

What will not be funded:

•       Core organisational costs and overheads

•       Equipment purchases, other than consumables

•       Capital expenditure

Please note: This guidance is subject to change without notice. Last updated: 16/06/21

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