The Community Impact Haringey service is providing support and capacity building to local Voluntary and Community Organisations (VCO) and not-for-profit businesses to create and maintain:

  • a vibrant, inclusive, viable and self-sufficient VCO and not-for-profit social enterprise sector in
  • a strong partnership between the Council and the sector
  • a framework for representation of the sector, improving their reputation, and enhancing a
    good working relationship with the Council and other public sector bodies.
Key services delivered include:
Capacity building and fundraising service

We provide one-to-one support to individuals and partnerships to enable them to submit good quality applications to local, regional and national funding agencies.
Support is provided in the form of:

  • organisational development and registration
  • general capacity building leading to ability to write bids
  • applications’ review and feedback
  • funding strategy development
  • how to gather evidence and address evidence of need
  • how to measure outputs
  • demonstrating outcomes and impact
  • support in recruiting Volunteers.
Development of partnerships

We facilitate the development of collaborative agreements and projects between VCOs, the business sector and public bodies.

Work with the funding bodies - In collaboration with the Big Lottery Community Fund, we run quarterly workshops/seminars for Haringey’s VCOs, social enterprises and business on how to access the various funding streams. We have similar arrangements with the Council and other funders.

Bid-writing service - We have a bid-writing service provided by freelance and self-employed bid writers to offer additional support to VCOs on a referral basis, at very low charges.

Financial resilience - We host a series of training sessions jointly with the Moracle Foundation for local VCOs and not-for-profit social enterprises on financial resilience and choosing appropriate legal structures.

Engagement, representation and promotion

We host a series of events aimed at engaging all sectors of Haringey communities residents, businesses and the public sector. These include, quarterly run Voluntary Sector Forums and half-yearly thematic forums on health and wellbeing, children and young People, community safety and environment, and housing and growth. In addition, each year we organise the Haringey Expo which has become a resounding success engaging over 700 people from across Haringey's diverse communities.