While undertaking their roles, volunteers and community workers, may become concerned that a child or vulnerable adult is being or has been abused if:

  • They have seen something
  • A child/adult at risk says they are being/have been abused
  • Somebody else has told them they are concerned
  • There has been an allegation against a member of staff
  • There has been an anonymous allegation
  • An adult has disclosed they are abusing/have abused a child
  • An adult has disclosed they have abused a child/adult at risk

If this is the case, the dedicated Lead for Safeguarding (it is advised that one is designated for each voluntary group), should be informed without delay. If the lead is implicated, then refer direct to social care services, or the police if a crime has or may have been committed. The Lead for Safeguarding should refer the concern to adult or children’s social care services and follow up the referral with 24hours. For further guidance please see SAFE CIC

Please download here an example of Safeguarding Record Sheet.

REMEMBER: In an emergency, if a crime has been committed, an urgent welfare check is needed or someone is seriously ill, DIAL 999. Do not delay!

Phone your local social care services team with any adult or child safeguarding concerns.

What should I do if I suspect someone is being abused?

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