Home Cooked

Home Cooked

Home Cooked is a violence reduction programme funded by the Mayor’s London Violence Reduction Unit.
This is a partnership project to help tackle serious youth violence in the Tottenham Hale ward. We provide a range of initiatives for young people and their families such as sport provision, employment support, a future leaders programme and mental health support.
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On Wednesday 1 February, Home Cooked held the first community forum of the year. Over 50 residents, funded grassroot organisations and young people attended. The theme for the night was positive mental health and healthy relationships led by Courtney Brown, CEO of Father2Father and Lynette Charles, CEO of Mind in Haringey. The event was held at Ferry Lane Primary School. Simon Phillips, Head of Programme Delivery opened the evening highlighting the work Home Cooked has done so far to tackle serious youth violence. This includes workshops, presentations and activities for young people and supporting 20 local organisations with grants of up to £10,000. 

From Right to Left: Rozie Skinner, Director of A Fairer Chance, Tash Alexander, Founder of Head Held High, Silvia Hurtado, Director of The Markfield Project and community members.

Haringey’s Youth Advisory Board members. 

Simon Phillips, Head of Programme Delivery. 

The evening was an opportunity for the community to hear from some innovative grassroots projects. Lady Emma, Founder of Pioneer Girlz presented a presentation on how her programme has provided a safe space for young girls aged 13-18 in the Tottenham Hale ward. Pioneer Girlz in support with The Engine Room, run weekly sessions covering topics on goal setting, mental health, self-awareness, art and dance, event planning and as well as taking the girls on trips and experiences. 

Although the six-month project has come to an end, Lady Emma was proud to announce that because HC enabled to get her program started, she has now secured further funding from Haringey Council to carry on her project. 

Lady Emma, Founder of Pioneer Girlz delivering a presentation on how her programme has provided a safe space for young girls in the Tottenham Hale ward. 

Chelcie, Co-Director of Positive Role Models spoke about the opportunities they provide for boys and girls aged 8-19. Haringey Hawks Basketball Club is an award-winning team who are under PRM and one of the best clubs in Haringey. PRM also provide dance, mentoring and motivational workshops. Their aim is to support young people, empowering them to be successful in education and in life. They have turned many young people’s dreams into reality. 

Chelcie Lewis, Co-Director of Positive Role Models delivering a presentation on the opportunities young boys and girls have on their programme. 

To conclude the evening, Courtney showcased the film ‘Me, My Father and Mental Health’. This film follows the journey of Courtney’s upbringing and addresses the issues of how trauma has impacted his childhood and his mental health as an adult. The film was followed by a discussion led by Lynette, which included Courtney, Anton the film producer and community champion, Shocka the Artist which brought a lot of insight, testimonies, and participation from the community. 

Courtney Brown and Anton Forde, film producer and community champion. 

Shocka the Artist and Courtney Brown. 

An open discussion with community members. 

The event opened a conversation about healthy relationships, community engagement/participation, and more. 

Ruth, from Open Door Young Peoples Consultation Services said: ‘Thank you so much for an incredible and inspiring event. So wonderful to see some of the life changing work being done in and by the community in Tottenham hale. Work that is enabled and supported to grow, by Home Cooked.’ 

PC Ahmed said: It was an amazing evening linking in with all the organisations in the borough that make Haringey what it is. Thanks to Homecooked and their continuous support in the community, the opportunities for young people and families are amazing. It’s also amazing to be part of Homecooked and to work alongside them.'

The Home Cooked Team will continue to involve the community to build and create a stronger, safer and inclusive Tottenham Hale. 

If you would like to find more information about Home Cooked and future community forums, please visit www.bridgerenewaltrust.org.uk or email [email protected]. 

Home Cooked is committed to supporting the community, should the issues of the evening trigger anything for you, please contact the Home Cooked team so that we can assign you to the appropriate services. 

Residents and community members from the Tottenham Hale ward at the Home Cooked community forum. 

Lynette Charles, CEO of Mind in Haringey and Courtney Brown CEO of Father2Father.