Haringey Wellbeing Network (HWN) was established in July 2018. The network consists of three partners they are:

Mind in Haringey (lead partner)

Tempo Time Credits

Bridge Renewal Trust

The overall aim of HWN is to act as the single point of contact (SPOC) for access to community based mental health and wellbeing support across Haringey, to be eligible for access to HWN individuals must be:

  1. A resident of Haringey
  2. Registered with a GP in Haringey
  3. Be a primary carer for someone who lives in Haringey

Each of the partners within the network has a specific area of service delivery which often overlap and refer to each other’s service area:

1. Prevention and Intervention support services:

Mind in Haringey will act as the first point of contact – screening clients and supporting them into appropriate services including Wellbeing Activities at Mind in Haringey and across the borough, Wellbeing Advocacy, Peer support groups, and Service user groups. Individuals can contact the network directly by phone or email and will then be guided to the most appropriate prevention and intervention services suitable to their specific and distinct needs.

2. Community and Asset development:

Bridge Renewal Trust will lead on building knowledge and resources in mental health and wellbeing within voluntary and community organisations, the social housing and sports and leisure sectors, and across faith groups in Haringey. We do this by offering support and hands on work in areas including access to Free Training around Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid, access to Safeguarding training, best practice policies and procedures and assistance with obtaining funding for mental health and wellbeing projects, we also run anti-stigma work in this area.

3. Community co-production and Reach:

Tempo Time Credits will encourage and motivate service user participation and engagement through the use of time credits, which rewards individuals investing their time in volunteering or peer supporting activities.

To refer into the network please use the referral form on the Mind in Haringey Website or contact us at the Bridge Renewal Trust