To tackle health inequalities we must share power more equally between those who provide services and people with a lived experience of the challenges facing us in the community.

Co-production and community empowerment values technical expertise and cultural understanding, where everyone's skills and personal resources are respected and put to use. We go beyond asking for ideas, experience and opinions; co-production requires collective actions that are inclusive and reciprocal from start to finish.

We work with experts by experience, and professionals to influence, participate, and lead services. From co-designing solutions that reflect the needs in the community, to supporting co-implementation and co-governance of activities, and sharing the responsibility of evaluating the impact of our work.

We encourage the organisations and institutions we support and partner with to embed co-production values and practices in their work.

Ref: SCIE, July 2022 Co-production: what it is and how to do it | SCIE

'Co-production is not just a word, it is not just a concept, it is a meeting of minds coming together to find shared solutions.’
(SCIE, July 2022)