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Community Impact Haringey

We provide practical support to help you build your organisation’s capacity in a number of ways. We can help you to get started on your project, increase your impact, help you with funding applications and connect with others in the community through events and networking. 

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We are ready to listen to your needs and respond quickly and flexibly to help address them. If you are a Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisation in Haringey, please get in touch… [email protected]

We are Haringey Council’s Strategic Partner for the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). We work with the sector to ensure it is stronger, able to attract more external funding and deliver better services.

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Different emergencies create a need for different emergency items. Communities often collectively come together and want to help out, and it may become challenging to manage the volume of goods donated. Below you’ll find some suggestions to help you plan ahead and coordinate the collection and distribution of donated emergency items: 

  • Be clear in your communications which items you can and cannot accept. It is also important to consider the need of culturally appropriated items.
  • Accept items that are hygienic and in a suitable condition (especially if these are medical, perishable, or sanitary products).
  • Allocate specific drop off locations and time slots, so that you have control over donation volume and coordinate enough volunteers to support.
  • Keep items stored and organised into categories, labelling boxes where possible, so that you can keep track of what stocks are running low and request more if needed. Keeping record in a spreadsheet can also help you to do this.
  • Keep in touch with other organisations accepting donations – an item you are unable to receive might be accepted elsewhere.
  • Communicate with the emergency team and Haringey’s VCS Team to contribute to a borough-wide response.
  • Don’t forget: maintaining an operation like this can be expensive. Think about ways you can fundraise to support your initiative. Contact Haringey’s VCS Team if you need help to plan.

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