There is currently a total of £15,880 funding available from The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to tackle and see a reduction in crimes within the Borough of Haringey. Each organisation can request funding to the maximum of £3,000.

The aim is to identify and support local organisations that currently deliver or plan to deliver work that will clearly evidence a reduction, prevention and/or community engagement to make Haringey a safer place and reduce crime.

This means we are interested in projects that will help to:

  • Put victims first
  • Reduce inequalities
  • Keep children and young people safe
  • Tackle violence against women and girls
  • Tackle hate crime and intolerance
  • Provide engagement opportunities, particularly for those communities that do not historically engage with the police

Due to impact of COVID–19, project plans must demonstrate how you will engage with your target group, both virtually and face-to-face, to achieve your aims.

The project and delivery plan must clearly evidence impact and outcomes. 

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Please email completed application form by 16 May 2022 to [email protected]

Additional Information to apply for funding

 The SNB priorities and core functions are to:
  • enable local engagement with the police
  • enable local scrutiny and accountability of the police
  • focus on the Police and Crime Plan key principles and priorities
  • monitor crime performance and public perceptions (community confidence)
  • inform the development of policing priorities in the borough
  • monitor MPS support for the delivery of ward panels and community contact sessions; and
  • engage with Borough Independent Advisory Groups and other local mechanisms (for example, neighbourhood watch and stop and search community monitoring groups) to support and inform their work across the borough
We would encourage you to submit projects that support the four main themes within the plan.
  • Reducing and preventing violence
    preventing and reducing violence affecting young people; making London a city in which women and girls are safer and feel safer; tackling the harm caused by drugs; reducing reoffending by the most violent and high-risk groups; preventing hate crime; and working together to prevent terrorism and violent extremism.
  • Increasing trust and confidence
    increasing public trust in the MPS and reducing gaps in confidence between diverse groups; ensuring that the MPS engages with Londoners and treats them fairly; and ensuring that the MPS, borough councils and all community safety partners respond to neighbourhood crimes such as burglary and anti-social behaviour.
  • Better supporting victims
    improving the service and support that victims receive from the MPS and the criminal justice service; working to ensure victims receive a better criminal justice response and outcome; and reducing the number of repeat victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. 
  • Protecting people from being exploited or harmed
    reducing the number of young people and adults who are criminally exploited or harmed; keeping young people in the justice system supported and safe; and keeping people safe online.
Projects that will not be supported are:
  • Developing smartphones apps
  • Buying IT equipment for the Safer Neighbourhood Board
  • Surveys, unless part of a wider project that describes how the information gathered will be used to prevent crime, reduce crime or engage with communities
  • Supporting functions that are the responsibility of other partners
  • Funding a post – However funding time to deliver your project is fine
  • Replication of core functions of the Safer Neighbourhood Board such as meetings to hold the Borough Commander to account or address ward or neighbourhood priorities and promises
  • Poster, leaflet and newsletter campaigns that simply raise awareness of issues or organisations