We’re delighted to confirm that Great Mental Health Day is returning and will take place on Friday 27 January 2023.

Earlier this year in January 2022, we marked London’s first ever Great Mental Health Day. Thousands across the capital came together, sharing how they support mental health and wellbeing, and celebrating the great services, groups and initiatives doing this locally.

More than 20 events took place across Haringey and over 60 across London, many of which were held in-person, involving local walks, discussion panels and workshops. Read more about what happened in 2022.

The theme for 2023: Celebrating the power of community kindness

In a year that’s remained challenging for many of us, it has been our communities, friends and families which have played the most important role in in getting us through difficult times together. That’s why Great Mental Health Day 2023 will celebrate the power of community kindness, telling the story of how we’ve come together for one another across London.

With plans already taking shape for what promises to be an action-packed day, we’re asking you to think about how you’d like to get involved and celebrate Great Mental Health Day 2023.

This could be holding a free event locally, talking about wellbeing in your workplace, creating a space to make or share art, holding workshops, or an exercise class. All events organised for Great Mental Health Day will be advertised on our interactive map of London, allowing Londoners across the capital to search and find events they would like to attend.

The aim of Great Mental Health Day is to get us talking about our mental health and wellbeing and to break that stigma that so often exists around the subject. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of local support and services available.

Great Mental Health Day 2023 acts as a reminder that we can all do our bit to spread hope and kindness, and to help each other.

How do I get involved?
  • We’d love to hear from you – so if you’re making plans for the day or have any questions, please get in touch. You can also explore our introductory campaign toolkit and FAQs for more info.
  • Help us raise awareness about Great Mental Health Day 2023 by spreading the word about the day with your families, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Download our pre-made content for digital channels and use the #GreatMentalHealth.
  • Feature in our comms campaign and send us a 10 second clip sharing how you show kindness to others, video guidance attached.
  • Want to plan a Great Mental Health Day event but not sure where to start? We’ve got some tips and a list of ideas from previous GMHD activities to give inspiration for your own.