On Thursday, 26 November the Haringey Expo 2020 event took place live over Zoom, with over 200 people attending. This special evening of celebration acknowledged the outstanding work and achievements of Haringey’s community groups, voluntary organisations and schools during a particularly challenging year. It was also an opportunity to bring our communities together to discuss important topics.

The online Expo was comprised of two parts: a Community Workshop Discussion and the Community Impact Awards ceremony. Find below the highlights of the event.

Community Workshop discussion

At the workshop, over 80 people from across the borough came together to discuss the topic:

“Thinking ahead to 2021, how can community groups, residents and partners work together to address community challenges?”

Please find below some of the key points from the discussion.

The challenges faced by our communities
  • Digital exclusion & tech poverty
    Colleagues highlighted that there are three main aspects to be addressed to overcome digital exclusion; access to Wi-Fi/ broadband; access to devices (laptops in particular); and upskilling communities to use those devices.
  • Isolation & access to mental health support
    Stopping face-to-face services increased isolation. Human contact is important for wellbeing and mental health. We need to look at the impact isolation has on both mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Food & food distribution
    Increased use of food banks. Fuel poverty also goes hand in hand with the issues relating to food.
  • Unemployment
    Haringey has 2nd highest number of furloughed people in the country, what happens after furlough ends and unemployment kicks in?
  • Health and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine
    How are we going to deliver the vaccine, particularly to vulnerable groups? How do we work together to address people’s concerns around the vaccine?
Addressing these challenges together
  • Can the buildings in the borough be used as digital hubs, allowing those who do not have access to online services to be more involved?
  • Engagement with faith communities and grassroots organisations are key to reaching individuals and communicate targeted messages.
  • It seems with COVID, bureaucracy has been swept away to a degree. This is a positive. There’s a hope we can keep this flexibility and adaptability going forward.
  • Have found that funders are being more flexible and trying very hard to get the funds out.
  • Technology has really helped with meetings, higher attendance than before because the meetings are online.
  • There was a gap in befriending services in the borough before the pandemic. These have really developed over the period.
  • Lots of positives have come out of the pandemic – incredible amounts of food donated, increase in volunteering, Mutual Aid groups.
  • Is there more that we can be doing to tap into that sense of community and maintain and grow it into the future? If funders could look at projects that grow and develop this, that would be a good thing.

These topics and others raised at the group discussion will be added to a broader community engagement strategy to be shared later about how we can work together better.


Community Impact Awards

At the Community Impact Awards ceremony, we got to celebrate and share with you some inspiring stories about the impact of Haringey groups and volunteers on their local communities. Over 200 people attended the virtual ceremony.

For the first time, we have introduced public voting as part of the live event and the public chose Haringey Hawks as the winner of Community Impact Organisation of the Year, in recognition of their great work with young people in the borough.

We’re truly humbled by the brilliant work taking place every day across Haringey, by so many incredible people. We are delighted to share with you the list of all Community Impact Awards 2020 winners!

Haringey Giving Funded Project of the Year, 2020

Highly Commended - Community Cook Up
Highly Commended – PramDepot
Winner - Turkish Cypriot Community Association

Food Bank of the Year, 2020

Highly Commended - Community Cook Up
Highly Commended – Bounds Green Food Bank
Winner - Edible London

Community Impact School of the Year, 2020

Highly Commended - Woodside High School
Highly Commended – Haringey Learning Partnership
Winner - Lea Valley Primary School

Young Volunteer of the Year, 2020

Winner - Michael Antwi

Volunteer of the Year, 2020

Highly Commended - Rose Beby Dakuo
Highly Commended – Bevali McKenzie
Winner - Franck Batimba

Inclusion and Equalities Organisation of the Year, 2020

Highly Commended - Pedal Power Cycling Club
Highly Commended – Wise Thoughts
Winner - You Vs You

Community Organisation of the Year, 2020

Highly Commended - Pedal Power Cycling Club
Highly Commended – Jacksons Lane
Winner - Haringey Hawks

We would like to thank everyone that attended and congratulate all the Community Impact Award winners!