Haringey Wellbeing Network

Posted by: Jenny Carter on July,30th,2018

Mind in Haringey is leading a new service called the Haringey Wellbeing Network; a pioneering new approach to accessing mental health and wellbeing support across the borough.

Our purpose is to empower people towards better self-care in their mental and physical health and, most importantly, to alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety, low mood, loneliness and isolation.

The Haringey Wellbeing Network is an integrated collaboration of voluntary sector mental health services, joining together to provide an interconnected and seamless prevention and wellbeing service for all adult residents in Haringey.  It has been designed to be a single-door way for the whole community to access mental health and wellbeing services.

The network’s key partners are Mind in Haringey, Bridge Renewal Trust, Spice Innovations and KeyRing.  Each of these specialist voluntary organisations has a wealth of expertise in working with a broad range of different communities across Haringey.

We aim to improve access and support for people in the borough; and enable individuals to build resilience and reduce or prevent the onset of mental health problems.  We will focus on helping people achieve positive outcomes in the following areas: Mental Wellbeing, Physical Health, Social Networks, and Self-Management.


The Haringey Wellbeing Network offers four key service components in Haringey:

  1. Prevention and Intervention support services:

Mind in Haringey will act as the first point of contact – screening clients and supporting them into appropriate services including Wellbeing Activities at Mind in Haringey and across the borough, Brief Wellbeing Intervention support (previously known as Wellbeing Advocacy), Peer support groups, and Service user groups.  Individuals can contact the network directly by phone or email and will then be guided to the most appropriate prevention and intervention services suitable to their specific and distinct needs.

  1. Community and Asset development:

Bridge Renewal Trust will lead on building knowledge and resources in mental health and wellbeing within voluntary and community organisations, the social housing and sports and leisure sectors, and across faith groups in Haringey.

  1. Community Peer support Groups:

KeyRing, will develop and deliver peer support groups across Haringey – building sustainable relationships through common interests or strengths, and enabling effective support networks, reducing isolation and improving access to services or support.

  1. Community co-production and Reach:

Spice Innovations will encourage and motivate service user participation and engagement through the use of time credits, which rewards individuals investing their time in volunteering or peer supporting activities.

If you would like more information, please do contact the Haringey Wellbeing Network on:

Email: HaringeyWellbeingNetwork@mih.org.uk

Phone: 0208 340 2474 (press 1 when prompted)

Website: http://www.mindinharingey.org.uk/haringey-wellbeing-network.asp









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